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Identification system, social network

42 177 hockey players identified in more than 150 hockey leagues in Quebec
Stéphane Pouliot
46 years old, Sherbrooke
32 subscriptions · 6 subscribers
Maxime Dubé
16 years old, Montréal
18 subscriptions · 126 subscribers
Identification system
Database of all the members of our network of leagues, facilitating player identification and caliber standardization.
Under construction
An app makes it possible for all captains to interact with their players and receive confirmation that they will be present at games.
Under construction
Interactive kiosks
Installed at venues, these kiosks will allow scorekeepers to confirm in real time the identity of the players on a team’s official roster.

Registration in 4 easy steps

Online registration

The first step involves signing up quickly and easily using a mobile phone, tablet or computer. You will need to identify an affiliated league, which will then have to authenticate your photo and validate your information.

Authenticating your account

Once the form is completed, the affiliated league will automatically receive your request and will invite you to stop by in person to complete your registration. They will give you an ID card that you can then use in all leagues using the services of HockeyProfil.com.

Merging different accounts

Once your account is authenticated, you can make requests to merge the accounts belonging to you in the 150+ leagues of our large network. The leagues concerned receive the requests, which they can accept or refuse depending on the validity of the information. Once a request is approved, all stats related to this account are automatically added to your career profile.

Access to the social network

On a social network dedicated entirely to hockey, players and fans can build their contact network and their personal profile, share photos and videos, see their friends’ game scores live, get the last news about their favorite leagues, and much more.